America's next great Franchise Opportunity!

Franchise Pre-Launch
Get Your Territory/Area Locked in Before It’s Gone!

If you have thought about owning your own business, and wished you could have been on the ground floor of other opportunities, this is your chance. The Original Golden Skone located in San Tan Valley, Arizona is so different and unique from other restaurants, which makes it the most exciting franchise to come available in recent years.

A "Skone" is a one-of-a-kind product that does not compete directly with any other restaurant. If you want a skone sandwich or dessert, there is only one place that you will be able to get it. So, no matter where your franchise is located, you will be THE ONLY SHOW IN TOWN and that is why this franchise opportunity is going to take the country by storm. The product is one-of-a-kind unique and delicious, and vital systems have been developed and are in place that will make it consistent at every location.

The Original Golden Skone opened February 3, 2020 just five weeks before the COVID19 pandemic devastated the country. Our first two years have not been easy but we can proudly say that we have survived, which speaks volumes about this business and our product. We have regular customers that drive hours to enjoy our remarkable sandwiches and desserts.

We have had so many people inquire about the franchise opportunity (in several states, with no advertising) that we have decided to do this franchise pre-launch. This will allow people to lock in their territory/area, while we work on completing the final franchise documentation. Our goal is to have the legal documentation ready for signatures ASAP.

How the pre-launch works:

  • For half of the full franchise fee, $12,500.00, you can lock in your agreed to geographic area.

  • Once the final franchise documentation is ready for signature the other half ($12,500.00) of the total franchise fee must be paid in full, totaling $25,000.00.

    A broad overview of what you will get with your franchise:

  • Rights to use the Original Golden Skone Name

  • Once the final documentation is signed there will be a time period that the

        franchisee must be in operation. Initial thoughts are 6 months from signing.

  • Franchisee’s will receive a full operation manual which will include; equipment lists with recommendations; tenant improvement layout and design assistance; SOP’s (Standard Operating Procedures), recommended work performance standards and expectations, recommended attendance policy, corporate support and on-sight training at both our home store, as well as your location, and more.

  • Post opening royalty fees will start at 1% for the first month and increase by 1% percent each month until the cap of 5% is reached.

  • A minimal percentage, from 1.5% to 2.5% for marketing and advertising may be added at a later date, still to be determined.

    The Original Golden Skone franchise opportunity has it all. If you are interested please email us at  We can then set up a time to speak by phone or in person.