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 San Tan Valley/Queen Creek Location 

40975 N Ironwood Rd. #104 STV, AZ 85140 

OPEN for DINE-IN and Take-Out!! 

10:30am-8:30pm Monday -Thursday.

Open until 9:00 pm Friday and Saturday


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The Golden Skone is a combination of several ingredients which gives it a unique flavor. It works with foods both savory and sweet so it is incredibly versatile!

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The Golden Skone

Katherine and Thomas X Smith III were living in Idaho in the 1960’s their family of seven children, when Tom started his first restaurant, The El Ray. He began working on a dough that would fry into the perfect type of bread for a sandwich. Soft and fluffy texture inside, crisp and golden on the outside, frying up evenly, and strong enough to hold fillings. It took him seven years with a specific mixture of several ingredients to get it perfect! His first Skone Shoppe was in Olympia, WA in 1970.


In 1972 they moved to Arizona and opened the first Golden Skone. Eventually, he had five stores, but due to some unfortunate events beyond his control, they all closed down. The smartest thing he did was keep the recipe a secret. Many have tried and failed to replicate it. No one outside family has the ORIGINAL GOLDEN SKONE recipe.

Tom was an entrepreneur, inventor and dreamer. Katherine was the rock of the family, who everyone adored. They have an amazing posterity, and it is an honor to continue their legacy and reopen the Original Golden Skone.


"I remember the Golden Skone so much as a kid, my twin sister and I would ride our bikes to the restaurant for that delicious skone! They were so delicious coming out of the fryer so nice and warm! 

~Brenda S.

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“I will forever remember the amazing slightly sweet taste of the bread of the skone with a spicy ground beef filling topped with lettuce, tomatoes, and shredded cheese.” 

 "The Skones are very unique! Light and fluffy, not greasy and the flavor is AMAZING!! I love that I can have them savory or sweet!

Advertisement from 1975-1976

~Patty M. 


"My favorite was the pastrami with provolone, but I also bought plain skones for Sunday morning and filled them with our own scrambled eggs and bacon. It's almost like a doughnut sandwich, but not as sweet. Our whole family loved them!!”

~S. Braman

“As a child living in Mesa, Arizona, I would walk to my church activities, which involved passing by the Golden Skone. It was located on the corner of 10th Ave and Country Club. I stopped there once to eat, and I was hooked. I mean, these scones were like crack cocaine, but in a very good way! I began to stop there each week, and I was so disappointed when they closed down (although it was probably fortunate for me, as I probably would have been featured on the TV show, My 600 lb Life).

Anyway, if this scone mix is truly as good as the original deal, you're in for a treat”.

"I have never forgot how they tasted and that I have searched and searched for something similar but never found it!”

-K. Picker

R.C. Watts